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ISI SAFE – Child Safety Device for Windows

Patented invention means greater security for children

Children are the most precious thing we have. That’s why protecting them and ensuring their safety are a special responsibility – for parents and guardians. It’s precisely in the years when the toddlers are constantly imitating and exploring that we have to be particularly attentive. It’s the only to avoid those moments of terror or serious accidents. ISI SAFE has invented a unique, patented child safety system for the dangers posed by windows. This safety device for windows helps little children and infants from falling out of windows. This window safety device provides optimum protection in securing balcony and patio doors. Make your home safe for your children and protect your most precious treasure.

ISI SAFE – die Kindersicherung für Fenster Suitable for wooden, plastic and aluminium windows ISI SAFE protects from closed and tilted windows and is suitable for most wooden, plastic and aluminium windows as well as terrace and balcony doors - providing children and infants with more safety and protection in their daily lives. ISI SAFE is characterized not only by its suitability for use on closed and tilted windows and doors, but also by its simple and quick installation. When using the ISI SAFE child safety device, no drilling, screwing or gluing is required.

The ISI SAFE child safety device can be used with:

  • Wooden windows and doors
  • Plastic windows and doors
  • Aluminium windows and doors

Preventing children from falling from windows

There are regular reports in the media of children and toddlers tragically falling from windows. These horror stories should therefore always push us to make sure our own households have the maximum child safety possible. The same applies for all childcare facilities. Under no circumstances should anything be put in front of a window, a balcony or patio doors that the child might climb, including chairs, beds, shelves, etc. Children all too often reach the window sill or window handle from furniture placed near windows. If a child can then hang out of a window or over a railing, there’s a huge risk of falling.

Fast installation and secure application

No drilling, screwing or gluing - windows and doors remain undamaged!

To quickly and easily install the ISI SAFE child safety device, no drilling, screwing or gluing is required. ISI SAFE can be installed on almost all standard windows and doors. No tools are required for this. The patented system is installed in just a few steps and also offers TÜV-tested protection. Thus, ISI SAFE differs significantly from the expensive-to-install solutions currently available on the market.

No damage to windows and doors
The ISI SAFE child safety device leaves no damage or annoying adhesive residues on windows, doors and frames. This is a huge advantage, especially for rented properties, as you generally cannot drill or screw either the window or the frame in such residential properties. But one would also like to be able to fall back on a solution for properties that does not result in damage to or visual marks on windows and doors. The child and baby safety device ISI SAFE can be attached to most standard windows as well as balcony and patio doors. If children have outgrown the risk of danger, then the window lock can be dismantled in just a few seconds.

Can only be used with vertical window and door handles The robust design and the high quality material (Polycarbonat - PC) make the child safety device a durable, reliable and indispensable safety companion for almost every location.

Important note:
ISI SAFE can only be used with vertically mounted window and door handles!


The ISI SAFE child safety device:

  • is simple and quick to install!
  • requires no drilling, screwing or gluing!
  • can be used with vertical window and door handles!


Quick and Easy

Assembly in a matter of seconds



ISI SAFE safety and application notes

  • ISI SAFE works exclusively with vertically mounted window and door handles, and is suitable for most wooden, plastic and aluminium windows, as well as for terrace and balcony doors.
  • Any other use does not correspond to the intended use!
  • Protect your children from accidents by never leaving them unattended.
  • Do not install in front of children!
  • The installation instructions must be followed.
  • If the ISI SAFE child safety device cannot be fixed on the window or door, it must not be used.
  • Incorrect installation or positioning of the ISI SAFE child safety device can be dangerous.
  • When installed, ISI SAFE must be regularly checked for correct positioning and fitting. The functionality must also be tested regularly!
  • Incorrectly fitted components are a hazard and must therefore not be used.
  • When the toothing is worn (recognizable by the smooth running of the plate), the ISI SAFE can no longer be used.
  • The ISI SAFE child safety device can no longer be used in the event of damage to or loss of individual parts.
  • Broken parts must not be glued.
  • Only spare parts supplied by the manufacturer may be used.
  • The material is made of high quality Polycarbonat - PC, and therefore only solvent-free cleaning agents should be used.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher and do not treat with chemicals.
  • Never paint the ISI SAFE child safety device.
  • ISI SAFE is intended for children up to the age of 3 years. Since all children develop differently, this is for guideline purposes only.
  • You should stop using the ISI SAFE when the child is already tall enough to open the child safety device themselves.
  • Use and store at room temperature only. Keep unused parts out of the reach of children.
  • No liability can be accepted by ISI SAFE for inappropriate use.

Tested many times - with 20 kg tensile force



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