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Patented invention
means greater security for children

This safety device for windows helps preventing little children and infants from falling out of windows.
ISI SAFE makes vertical windows, balcony doors and terrace door handles safe for children.
ISI SAFE - made in Austria
We are very proud that the ISI SAFE child safety was not only invented in Austria
is also produced in Austria and is therefore an Austrian product Made in Austria so to speak!


The cover is hung on the window or door
leaf. The handle is locked by a loop in
the cover. By simultaneously pressing
the two push buttons, the loop
can again be released.


The bracket is snapped into the clamp holder.
This serves to fix the handle and prevent
twisting of ISI SAFE.
This provides maximum stability.

Clamp holder

The clamp holder is snapped
into the cover, and is necessary for securing ISI SAFE
fast to the sash.


The loop is inserted into the cover
and placed over the handle of the window or door.
If the loop is completely fast, the handle is locked in its movement.

child safety system for the dangers posed by windows

With ISI SAFE, we deliver a patented window lock that is easy to install and can be used with both closed and tilted windows or patio doors.

Assembly in a matter of seconds

It’s quick and easy to install the ISI SAFE Child Safety System —no screwing, drilling or gluing required! ISI SAFE can be installed on practically any standard windows and doors. No tools required!

Additional burglary protection

Due to the locking, the window can only be opened when ISI SAFE is removed or the loop is loosened. Thus, it is impossible to open the window from the outside.

Advantages to other models

"Honey, where is the key to the living room window?", Whenever you want to open the window or briefly ventilate you must first go to the key search. Or have you ever thought of who an emergency situation is and you need to open the window? With ISI SAFE you can do that in seconds!



Child safety at home and on traveling



Children are the most precious thing we have. That’s why protecting them and ensuring their safety are a special responsibility – for parents and guardians. It’s precisely in the years when the toddlers are constantly imitating and exploring that we have to be particularly attentive. It’s the only to avoid those moments of terror or serious accidents. ISI SAFE has invented a unique, patented child safety system for the dangers posed by windows. This safety device for windows helps preventing little children and infants from falling out of windows. This window safety device provides optimum protection in securing balcony and patio doors. Make your home safe for your children and protect your most precious treasure.

  • protects children from falling from windows
  • keeps closed and tilted windows, balcony and terrace doors safe
  • simple and tool-free installation: no drilling, screwing or gluing!
  • easy removal without tools
  • no damage to windows and doors
  • 20 kg tractive power
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Requirement for ISISAFE

#ISISAFE daily life

The ISI SAFE child safety device protects with closed and tilted windows and is suitable for most windows, as well as balcony and patio doors. ISI SAFE does not relieve the parents of the obligation to supervise!