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About us

Developed from a revolutionary idea for a novel child safety device for window balcony and patio doors ISI SAFE pursues only one goal:

Michael und Traudi Veigl - CEOs ISI SAFE by Secvel Technologies

„to make life safer
for children“.

ISI SAFE offers maximum protection for the youngest with its sophisticated security solution , making life much easier for parents.

With ISI SAFE's sophisticated security solution, parents can easily create a safe living environment in which their child grows up and the world by securing their windows, balcony or patio doors can discover.

Michael und Traudi Veigl - CEOs ISI SAFE by Secvel Technologies

Our History

ISI SAFE arose out of a lack of sensible window balcony and patio door locks on the market.

The problem was that until 2010, there was no window lock for children on the market that had to be mounted without tools and that did not damage the window or the balcony / patio door due to drilling and sticking. A solution had to be invented first and the result was the popular and unique ISI SAFE child safety device for windows.

The Making

ISI SAFE is an Austrian product Made in Austria.

The material used for ISI SAFE is only high-quality polycarbonate, which is processed using the plastic injection molding process.

The Security

ISI SAFE has been extensively tested.

Continuous tensile tests, load tests and tear tests at regular intervals guarantee the high demands placed on our products.