Patented invention means greater security for children

Children are the most precious thing we have. That’s why protecting them and ensuring their safety are a special responsibility – for parents and guardians. It’s precisely in the years when the toddlers are constantly imitating and exploring that we have to be particularly attentive. It’s the only to avoid those moments of terror or serious accidents. ISI SAFE GmbH has invented a unique, patented child safety system for the dangers posed by windows. This safety device for windows helps little children and infants from falling out of windows. This window safety device provides optimum protection in securing balcony and patio doors. Make your home safe for your children and protect your most precious treasure.

The ISI SAFE Child Safety System is suitable for:

  • most commercially-available windows
  • balcony doors
  • terrace doors

Preventing children from falling from windows

There are regular reports in the media of children and toddlers tragically falling from windows. These horror stories should therefore always push us to make sure our own households have the maximum child safety possible. The same applies for all childcare facilities. Under no circumstances should anything be put in front of a window, a balcony or patio doors that the child might climb, including chairs, beds, shelves, etc. Children all too often reach the window sill or window handle from furniture placed near windows. If a child can then hang out of a window or over a railing, there’s a huge risk of falling.

A higher centre of gravity and curiosity are also risk factors for children

Children and toddlers have a significantly higher centre of gravity than adults, since the head and upper body at this age are heavier than the rest of the body. The different centre of gravity and the irrepressible curiosity of children are such enormous risk factors, especially when combined with easy-to-open windows and balcony and terrace doors! ISI SAFE makes vertical windows, balcony doors and terrace door handles safe for children.

ISI SAFE – The Children’s Guardian Angel

  • protects children from falling from windows
  • keeps closed and tilted windows, balcony and terrace doors safe 1)
  • simple and tool-free installation: no drilling, screwing or gluing!
  • easy removal without tools
  • no damage to windows and doors
  • certified and tested by TÜV Austria
  • 3-way locking system certified by TUV Austria 2)
  • made of high-quality materials, including fibreglass-reinforced polyamide!

1) only works with vertically mounted door and window handles and is suitable for most wood, plastic and aluminium windows, patio and balcony doors.

2) the safety tie is secured twice and both release buttons have to be pressed to release The third safety is effected by tying off the window or door handle with the safety tie